Wefan Gymraeg

The Environment

  • Invest £1 billion per year to tackle the climate emergency.

  • Initiate a large-scale programme of investment in renewable energy and climate mitigation measures such as green homes and retrofitting homes.

  • Introduce a bottle deposit return system.

  • Abolish single use plastics, helping clean our oceans and rivers.

  • To introduce a clean air act within the first 100 days of the new Senedd.

  • A focus on green growth, decarbonising the economy and creating new, high-quality and sustainable employment to bring manufacturing and technology jobs back to Wales.

  • Investing in active travel, including cycling and walking routes, E-bike schemes and adopting the principles of the 20-minute community.

  • Initiate peat bog restoration and an increase in primarily native, deciduous woodland cover to increase carbon sequestration and reduce flooding.

  • To Support and further finance community energy projects and community energy generation, cutting household bills.

  • Reward farming schemes that reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon retention.

  • Promote an increase in fruit and vegetable production to reduce reliance on imports.

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