Wefan Gymraeg

Save Our Highstreets

  • Scrap business rates, which fall hardest on start-ups, small companies, and businesses experiencing difficulties and give online retailers an unfair advantage. Scrapping business rates would stimulate investment and breathe new life into our high streets. Both Labour and the Conservatives have both recognised at different points how outdated business rates are, yet both continue to support this analogue taxation system in the digital age.

  • A new Welsh Towns Fund, committing £500m over the next 5 years to invest in the future of our town centres and high streets.

  • A Job Creation Premium, offsetting the initial costs of recruitment and training through a public sector grant for businesses looking to grow.

  • A package of upfront premium grants to small and micro businesses that have been excluded from government help so far.

  • Push empty town centre buildings to be re-purposed into new community hubs, such as ‘remote working stations' and start-up hubs to help bring life back into highstreets.

  • Encourage banks to share resources, including their physical buildings. Keeping banking accessible to the digitally excluded.  

  • Promoting active travel options into town centres (cycling, walking etc.) as well as the greening of our towns.

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