Wefan Gymraeg

Rhys' Plan for Aberconwy

As part of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Rhys will work towards:

A CARING RECOVERY: 24/7 Mental Health Care Service

The Coronavirus response asked us all to make sacrifices and for many of us our mental health and wellbeing suffered. We’ll create a more caring Wales by standing up for our carers and invest in keeping people well.

RECOVERY FOR OUR ECONOMY: Save our local high street and small businesses

We will create a new £500m fund to invest in digital and transport connectivity. We will support jobs, businesses, and high streets so Wales can thrive and recover.

RECOVERY FOR THE PLANET: Invest £1billion to fight the climate emergency

This investment we will put help us make homes warmer and more energy-efficient, cut energy bills and tackle fuel poverty, invest in cleaner, greener transport, and take action against flooding.

Rhys wants change for Aberconwy and Wales:

My vision of Aberconwy and Wales, is a fair one. No-one left behind, a lasting legacy for the next generation not a mess for them to clean up, poverty a thing of the past and our young people wanting to stay and work here. My priorities are:

  • Use the office to grow and bring businesses in to Aberconwy. Making sure Aberconwy gets its fair share of the new Lib Dem Welsh Town Fund.
  • Build more affordable housing, first time buyers shouldn’t be trapped between renting and saving up a deposit.
  • Be a voice for our rural community by immediately changing Labour’s NVZ regulations.”

Rhys' Plans