Wefan Gymraeg


  • Introduce a Beveridge plan for the 21st Century; to rebuild, to refocus, and to give people hope.

  • A Debt Bonfire, writing off the debt of the 200,000 poorest households who face the burden and consequences of debt improving the chances of social mobility and higher tax returns in the long-term.

  • Devolution of some elements of social security, complete with the necessary funding of some elements of Social Security, as in Scotland, to create a coherent Welsh Benefits System ensuring families in Wales are not at risk of poverty and inequality.

  • Creating a Living Wage and Living Hours nation, boosting incomes and giving greater security and certainty to workers, especially those on zero-hour contracts.

  • An overhaul of Council Tax, creating a fairer, more equitable system that is fair for households and provides fair funding for councils.

  • Working with the UK Government to roll out a Universal Basic Income, an unconditional payment to all citizens, regardless of income, to ensure nobody goes without the resources to meet their basic needs.

  • Tackle fuel poverty and create more energy efficient homes and buildings in towns and cities across Wales.

  • High-quality, free childcare and early-years education from the age of 9 months, and before-school, after-school and part-time holiday care.

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