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Outrage at comments made by Aberconwy’s MS

Rhys David Jones, prospective Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate for Aberconwy had the following comment based on remarks made by sitting Aberconwy conservative MS, Janet Finch-Saunders in the Senedd yesterday which can be found here.

It’s outrageous to think we should be grateful in Wales for finance from Westminster. Wales has paid it’s share into the pot and should receive Barnett consequential financing.”

Why Aberconwy or Wales should grateful to Westminster for any penny we receive is beyond me. With tax payers and businesses baring the brunt of the UK governments economic handling of the pandemic, these remarks made by an elected representative leave a bitter taste.”

Instead of being grateful, Welsh elected representatives must continue to press the UK Government to do the right thing and make sure that everyone is protect during this pandemic. There are millions still excluded from any financial support. I will not be saying thank you to Westminster for continuing to exclude many of Aberconwy’s hard working people from any support.”

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