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It is #SignLanguageWeek and learning #BSL at my age is a challenge and I wish I had the opportunity while at school to have learnt such an inclusive skill. #WhatIsYourName

Full Time Mental Health Minister Needed

Action needed as nearly 5 mental health detentions were carried out every day in Wales during 2020


Rhys David Jones, Welsh Liberal Democrat prospective Senedd candidate for Aberconwy, is calling for a dedicated Mental Health minister following the recent publication of mental health related statistics.

Records show that during 2020, 1709 mental health detentions were recorded. Over a 100 of these were served on people 17 and younger. Nearly 30% of all welsh detentions occurred in North Wales, highlighting further the issues being faced by those served by the Besti Cadwaladr health board.

Rhys had the following to say “These statistics show clearly that we need a full time dedicated mental health minister, not for it to be an after thought.

The current minister has never been 100% dedicated to the mental health portfolio. Over the year it has either been a 1/3 of their portfolios or looked at alongside the Welsh language portfolio. The crisis deserves a full time 100% focused leader to drive these numbers down.”

With over 1700 mental health detentions across Wales in 2020 that nearly 5 every day. The mental health crisis needs a radical approach, clearly the existing strategy is not cutting the mustard. We need a minister that has the strength to influence every government decision, because mental health is not just an NHS issue.

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Outrage at comments made by Aberconwy’s MS

Rhys David Jones, prospective Welsh Liberal Democrat Senedd candidate for Aberconwy had the following comment based on remarks made by sitting Aberconwy conservative MS, Janet Finch-Saunders in the Senedd yesterday which can be found here.

It’s outrageous to think we should be grateful in Wales for finance from Westminster. Wales has paid it’s share into the pot and should receive Barnett consequential financing.”

Why Aberconwy or Wales should grateful to Westminster for any penny we receive is beyond me. With tax payers and businesses baring the brunt of the UK governments economic handling of the pandemic, these remarks made by an elected representative leave a bitter taste.”

Instead of being grateful, Welsh elected representatives must continue to press the UK Government to do the right thing and make sure that everyone is protect during this pandemic. There are millions still excluded from any financial support. I will not be saying thank you to Westminster for continuing to exclude many of Aberconwy’s hard working people from any support.”

Rhys David Jones launches Aberconwy Business Forum

Rhys David Jones launches Aberconwy Business Forum in response to today’s punishing budgets

Aberconwy Liberal Democrat prospective senedd candidate, Rhys David Jones, today launched a business forum for local businesses following the actions of both governments with their budgets. He had the following to say:

“With the Conservative UK Government in Westminster punishing our brave entrepreneurs with its budget, and the Welsh budget for a second time requiring a rework, local businesses need someone in their corner.”

“Getting the port at Anglesey ready for business must be a top priority for a fruitful recovery. The Conservatives had 4 years to get the port business ready but nothing done. I will be fighting for Aberconwy’s businesses here, they are our way out of economic ruin.”

“The purpose of this forum is to get power in numbers. Long has the voice of local business been ignored, this forum will have a voice to make sure its heard. I am hopeful that this forum is a platform for our local businesses to lead our local recovery, attract new businesses in and create a professional networking platform for Aberconwy.”

“For all local businesses come join the forum, and let me know what needs to change to help you grow.”

To join the forum please click here


Bringing more business to Aberconwy

What Rhys would do to bring more businesses into Aberconwy and support existing.

Hot Off The Press ... Special Senedd Election Focus

Get your hands on a copy of our Special Focus for this year's Senedd Election, where we introduce our candidate Rhys David Jones.

Give Aberconwy's Carers a Break

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to “give carers a break”, by giving councils immediate emergency funding which will trigger a significant Barnet consequential for the Welsh Government. This will allow them to provide the support services unpaid carers need to take a weekly break.

More than 6,300 people in Aberconwy are looking after elderly, disabled or vulnerable people during the Covid pandemic.

In a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, Ed Davey highlights research from Carers UK showing that nationally:

  • 64% of carers have not been able to take any breaks from their caring role during the pandemic,
  • 74% feel exhausted and worn out as a result of caring during Covid, and
  • 44% say they are reaching breaking point.

In Wales the problem is particularly acute with an almost over 30,000 young people under the age of 25 acting as carers for their families including thousands under the age of 18. 

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Chancellor to provide to provide more funding in his Budget on 3rd March, any funding released will have a knock on increase in funding for the Welsh Government. 

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Aberconwy’s self-employed turn to foodbanks because of Labour and the Conservatives

Aberconwy’s self-employed residents have been ignored by their Conservative representatives Robin Millar MP, Janet Finch-Saunders MS, Labour Welsh First Minister and the UK Prime Minister.

Rhys Jones, Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Aberconwy, has written on behalf of these residents demanding action is taken to ensure they are financially supported during the pandemic.

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Free Christmas Postage to Care Homes


Click on "Add your name" to sign our petition calling on the Royal Mail to allow people to send cards and parcels to loved ones in care homes for free for the rest of the year.


More About Rhys

With COVID causing such issues to our normal lives, Rhys wanted to be able to reach out to everyone, so please take a listen if you would like to hear a little more of his background.



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Rhys has had first hand experience of mental illhealth it's a really important topic to him. Betsi Cadwaladr public health data shows that it has the highest number of sectionings under the mental health act compared to all welsh health boards.



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Although Rhys followed, what many see as the traditional route into becoming an actuarial professional, here he looks back at what he would have done differently had he known the possibilities of apprenticeships.


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