Wefan Gymraeg

More About Rhys

With COVID causing such issues to our normal lives, Rhys wanted to be able to reach out to everyone, so please take a listen if you would like to hear a little more of his background.



As Wales enters a period of lockdown, Rhys gives his thoughts on the current situation and what we need to be thinking about in the future.



Rhys has had first hand experience of mental illhealth it's a really important topic to him. Betsi Cadwaladr public health data shows that it has the highest number of sectionings under the mental health act compared to all welsh health boards.



With 16 & 17 year old in Wales gaining the vote in the next Senedd Elections Rhys gives his thoughts on what more they deserve.



Rhys is currently campaigning hard within the Welsh Liberal Democrats to get a new minimum wage policy adopted. Rhys gives his thoughts on the issue of on the discrimination on the basis of age.



Although Rhys followed, what many see as the traditional route into becoming an actuarial professional, here he looks back at what he would have done differently had he known the possibilities of apprenticeships.


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