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Full Time Mental Health Minister Needed

Action needed as nearly 5 mental health detentions were carried out every day in Wales during 2020


Rhys David Jones, Welsh Liberal Democrat prospective Senedd candidate for Aberconwy, is calling for a dedicated Mental Health minister following the recent publication of mental health related statistics.

Records show that during 2020, 1709 mental health detentions were recorded. Over a 100 of these were served on people 17 and younger. Nearly 30% of all welsh detentions occurred in North Wales, highlighting further the issues being faced by those served by the Besti Cadwaladr health board.

Rhys had the following to say “These statistics show clearly that we need a full time dedicated mental health minister, not for it to be an after thought.

The current minister has never been 100% dedicated to the mental health portfolio. Over the year it has either been a 1/3 of their portfolios or looked at alongside the Welsh language portfolio. The crisis deserves a full time 100% focused leader to drive these numbers down.”

With over 1700 mental health detentions across Wales in 2020 that nearly 5 every day. The mental health crisis needs a radical approach, clearly the existing strategy is not cutting the mustard. We need a minister that has the strength to influence every government decision, because mental health is not just an NHS issue.

If you'd like to explore the data please follow the link below



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