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Jonathan Patchett

Data/Membership Officer

I am currently the data officer and membership officer for Aberconwy Liberal Democrats. If you have any questions about your membership or how you can get more involved with our work please do get in touch.

I have over 30 years IT experience including working for businesses both large and small and ran my own IT company for 13 years. I am currently the Chief Technical Officer for a well known local ed-tech business. I got involved with the Liberal Democrats went along to an executive meeting out of curiosity and to see if I could help. I quickly found my experience in IT was ideal for taking on the role of data officer, and also recently volunteered to also take on the role of membership officer.

I'm passionate about Electoral Reform. I believe firmly that if we had a fairer electoral system with a more balanced Parliament we could have avoided the current mess in Westminster. The current first-past-the-post system means around 70% of votes at a general elections are effectively "wasted". This has left the country in a position where the majority of voters feel ignored and dis-enfranchised which has led to the polarisation between the left and the right in politics, and ultimately taken us down the path to Brexit. I've been a Liberal Democrat voter since I was a teenager for exactly this reason and believe passionately that electoral reform could be the key to re-uniting the country and creating a fairer United Kingdom for all.

I'm also passionate about tackling climate change, saving the rapidly collapsing NHS and social care/welfare system, reversing the decline in education funding, promoting equality... well, the list goes on.

I have 2 children and in my spare time I write music, enjoy gardening. I also have 2 dogs, a cat and a chicken.

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