Wefan Gymraeg


  • Initiate a large-scale program of investment in retrofitting homes (including the use of air- heat pumps) starting with rural homes and social housing. Making them more energy efficient, saving families money, reducing fuel poverty, creating thousands of jobs and helping tackle climate change.

  • Oversee the construction of 30,000 new social homes across Wales helping to tackle the housing crisis, stop young people being priced out of their communities and providing well paid, high skilled jobs to local people.

  • Enshrine the right to have access to a safe, accessible and warm accommodation in law.

  • A relaxation of planning constraints on new rural homes where substantial net environmental gain can be demonstrated by the building project.

  • We will build 30,000 new social homes in communities where they are most needed.

  • End homelessness in one decade.

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