Wefan Gymraeg


  • To create a ‘Territorial Army’ for the Welsh NHS, where people are retained on 12.5% of the cost of a full-time wage, offered regular training to maintain skills, and called in during the winter months, or in other periods of crisis.

  • Creating a single ‘Occupational Health Passport’ for all health and care workers, ensuring that all staff have access to the support and advice they need.

  • Equalising pay and conditions across the NHS and social care sectors, ensuring that all care workers are paid the Real Living Wage.

  • Using budgeting, commissioning, and the strategic deployment of workforces to encourage and drive collaboration between the NHS and Social Care.

  • Streamlining social care services and practices, working towards the creation of a single National Care Service, and setting out a long term plan for the integration of health and care in Wales.

  • Increasing the level and range of support available to carers at the local level.

  • Giving patients greater control over their care by introducing a single electronic health records across all health and care providers.

  • Introduce a Right to Rehabilitation that ensures everyone has access to rehabilitation services.

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