Wefan Gymraeg

General Survey July 2020

These are strange and confusing times and we'd like to know about your concerns for the year ahead.

Unlike other political parties we won't use the information you submit to automatically sign you up for newsletters, or use big data to shove our adverts down your throat on every website you visit. At the start of the survey there is the option to sign up for our newsletter or to volunteer, but these are all optional. We also give you the option to ask up-front for your answers to be deleted when we've finished this survey.

Your answers will be used confidentially to help us build a picture of what people in Aberconwy need next from the Senedd. We may publish some statistics from the result of this survey, but your personal information will be kept confidential. We'll ask for your postcode so that we can check that you live in Aberconwy and we can then also identify which ward you are in, this will really help us to find out what issues are affecting each area of the constituency.

There are 7 questions and the survey should only take a few minutes to complete.

Take the Survey

These are the questions we're going to ask:

  1. What are your top concerns for you and your immediate family in 2020/2021?
  2. How well is the Welsh Government handling the Coronavirus crisis?
  3. In relation to the Welsh Government how well is the UK government handling the Coronavirus crisis?
  4. Do you intend to vote in the Welsh General Election next year? (Senedd election)
  5. What are your top concerns for your community in 2020/2021?
  6. If there was a referendum tomorrow on abolishing the Senedd how would you vote?
  7. If there was a referendum tomorrow on Welsh independence how would you vote?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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