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Christopher Chenery


I am currently a business owner and have broad experience having owned three businesses, worked in the financial sector and having taught for 22 years.

Originally from Norfolk I have lived and worked in and around Wales for the last 41 years, having moved here to go to Aberystwyth university. I have lived in the South Wales Valleys, in Mid Wales, on the borders and now in Snowdonia.

Apart from a keen interest in the future of Education in Wales I have a passionate interest in the promotion of the arts towards the well-being of society, (not all value can be measured in financial terms) and for all aspects of rural life from sustainable agriculture to environmental, heritage and social concerns. My chief concerns, other than the obvious avoidance of the Brexit disaster, are the problems of endemic bullying in our society which infringes the freedoms of gender, age and creed. The problems of isolation and poverty in the countryside, the general lack of affordable housing and the need for appropriate, sustainable local industry, that reflects the opportunities presented by local materials and encourages innovation and diversity.

I am a Liberal Democrat because I believe in the principle of individual freedom coupled with responsibility, in the devolution of political power downwards to the lowest practicable level, to radical electoral reform and to diversity in unity from the local to the European level. I am a federalist, and I believe that we must work together to face the problems of the twenty-first century, the problems of an ageing population, the threat to the traditional concept of employment presented by automation, the crisis of dwindling natural resources and imminent catastrophic climate change.

We have a responsibility to pass on the world to the next generation in better shape than when we found it.

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