Wefan Gymraeg

Agriculture and Rural Affairs

  • Reward farming schemes that reduce carbon emissions and increase carbon retention

  • Promote an increase in fruit and vegetable production to reduce reliance on imports.

  • Provide an education and training programme to equip farmers with the skills needed for sustainable farming and diversification.

  • Ensure that the introduction of the new scheme based on public money for public goods is phased in as quickly as possible but in a way that recognise that farmers cannot cope with a sudden disruption to their income, and over a period of not more than ten years.

  • Replace the Basic Payments Scheme with a new system based on public money for public goods. This includes sustainable land management for biodiversity gain, to meet our climate change obligations and for improvements in water quality and pollution. Quality food production is also to be considered a public good.

  • The transition from the Basic Payments Scheme to the Sustainable Farming Scheme needs to be managed carefully and must ensure that no farmer is left without financial support during the process.

  • The UK Government should only enter into trade agreements under which imported goods meet the high environmental, food quality and animal welfare standards expected of home-produced food.